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For Screen Cleaning:
With the popularity of a variety of digital products, screen cleaning is increasingly becoming our daily events. Perhaps most people would think that the screen clean is casually wiped, in fact it is on the verse. Please look at the following information:

Firstly, we have to know why we have to clean the screen.

As we know, LCD screen will not only produce a lot of dust and germs of the electrostatic adsorption, but also will produce microwave radiation.

The electrostatic adsorption determines the screen cleaning cycle is very short. The microwave radiation in a subtle way has influence on our health especially our non-protected head. Disease such as rash and a variety of eye problems can be along with us all the time.

This determines that screen has to be clean all the time to keep us in health.
Secondly, it is vital to choose the right cleaner.

Currently on the market the mainstream screen is LCD. The LCD screen production line has been developed to the sixth or even to the seventh generation. Production process is quite complex. It is difficult to replace once broken. For notebook computers, LCD TV screens, digital video camera and digital camera, the LCD screen is their life. It should be properly kept to extend its life expectancy. Over time some questions related with the LCD screen cleaning will appear.

Stain on the LCD screen can be divided into two types. One is dust in the air over time and the other is fingerprints and oil inadvertently left by users.

The surface of LCD screen looks like a solid black screen. In fact, the vendor will add a layer of special coating on the screen. The main function is to prevent the users from reflecting and glaring by other light sources and at the same time enhances the color contrast of the LCD itself. When cleaning, the user is not permitted to use any acidic, alkaline solution or chemical solution to wipe the screen surface in order to prevent the surface coating from damaging.

For Lens Cleaning:
Lens is the soul window of digital camera. Good lens can be ensuring to take high fidelity and high contrast images. Because the digital camera lens is hard to change and maintenance costs are high, so that to keep the lens clean becomes very important. But after the shooting, the camera is with dust and dirt even with besmirched dirt by careless use such as "fingerprints" which is very harmful for the color material coating. In order to protect the coating and lens, it is not allow using any acid and alkaline solution or chemical solution to wipe the screen surface to prevent any corrosive effect.
We suggest that the best time for lens cleaning should not be more than 30 seconds because long time cleaning can also cause unnecessary damage.

For Leather Goods Cleaning
Every people will comes into this problem that their deluxe genuine leather products, like the leather interior in luxury cars, the expensive genuine leather sofa and luxury bag as LV/Hermes/Gucci/Chanel, etc…is easy to be dirty and aging at every seconds going mouldy or even becoming stiffen or color-fading..
How can you preserve and protect such luxurious and deluxe leatherware?

To solve this problem, ELON R&D team, who are devoted to develop biocleaner for kinds of use,  have come up with three principles for genuine leather clean&care:

1. No chemical corrosion behaviour allowed!.
There' s pores in the genuine leather surface that kinds of chemical detergent/cleaner whatever it' s acidic or  alkalic, could permenate into will erode genuine leather' s organic substance and damage its organic texture and then lead to series of aging, stiffening and color-fading, etc.

So these chemical detergent/cleaner is not the right thing to clean&care genuine leather, especially these detergent/cleaner that made from petro-chemicals, which cleaning by erode and remove the surface layer of leather..

2. No abrasion and scratch allowed!
Living organisms' skin can be cleaned by a scrub as a cleaner because of the living organisms are in the normal metabolism. Cleaning agents containing friction machine will make fine sand particles to take out dermal cuticle and speed up the metabolism to achieve the desired cleaning effect. As leather products could not metabolize, such cleaners will bring leather irreversible damage.

3. Clean&care from botanic view that feed to anti-aging on the base of genuine leather texture.
Genuine leather is all protein with oils, which can' t avoid being aging and lost all the time when is explosure to the air. So a kind of protein made detergent/cleaner with natural oils made protectand are the best choice to avoid damage to the leather but clean, care, feed and condition naturally that restore the leather to be natural shiny and supple.

For Jewelry Cleaning:
No matter gold jewelry or stone jewelry, they must be careful nursed and regular cleaned to preserve its luster beauty and intact.

1. During sports or loud work, don't wear jewelry in lest it is attacked and wearied.
2. Don't put all kinds of jewelry in the same drawer and jewelry box, because they will make frictions with each other as their different hardness.
3. Stone jewelry economically wearing should be inspected monthly to see if any wear or set loose phenomenon and then to make remedy repair.
4. As fragile gems such as the emerald are easy to be broken, it is needed to take particular care.
5. Don't wear a gem with air hole in the kitchen or steam place, or gem will abort steam and sweat because of which will lost its color. Gold, silver and other jewelry will lose light if they are with human body sebum and sweat acid, so the economic-wear jewelry should be cleaned once every week.

1. Do not use bleaching water. Choric in bleaching water will make alloy appear finger prints, decompose alloy and even cause erosion in welding. Because the pool water contains choric, do not wear jewelry when swimming.

Do not use abrasive materials containing the washing powder, detergents and toothpaste.

Do not boil in the sulfuric acid cleaner or sulfuric acid.

Ultrasonic cleaner can prevent jewelry from sweeping away and can be used for diamond jewelry but not for some colored gem.

Do not use boiling water to clean them. Diamond's physical properties are stable and can be used in boiling water but some gems (such as the emerald, violet crystal) are very fragile and vulnerable to the effect of temperature change. They should be avoided by using boiling water.

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