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Top Grade Leather Care Kit 3in1 LG2502

Top Grade Leather Care Kit 3in1  LG2502
Top Grade Leather Care Kit 3in1  LG2502
  • Top Grade Leather Care Kit 3in1  LG2502
  • Top Grade Leather Care Kit 3in1  LG2502
  • Top Grade Leather Care Kit 3in1 LG2502
  • Minimum: Box
  • Delivery: RoHS ReaCH compliant
  • Model: LG2502
  • Country: Acceptable
  • BrandName: Top Grade Leather Care Kit 3in1
  • Package: 480*400*230mm
  • Payment: 24pcs/ctn
  • size: 195*125*55mm
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Product Information


Although leather product is low maintenance,it is not totally maintenance free. Proper care is essential when working with leather surfaces.Use the following leather care tips to help maintain the value of your furniture. 
Position all leather furniture at least 0.5m from a heater. Too much exposure to heat dries out leather. 
Leather upholstery fades when exposed to direct sunlight.Keeping furniture away from light such as windows,skylights and glass doors can prevent discolouration. 
Make sure you clean and condition your leather on regular basis,using the products supplied in this kit,Be sure to follow instructions. 
1. Never use a hair dryer. 
2. To speed drying unless recommended. When possible,let leather air dry after cleaning. 
3. Lightly dust or vacuum weekly to remove dust from your leather home furniture. 
4. While leather initially repels most spills,liquids will be absorbed if not treated properly. 
5. Blot any liquid immediately with a clean,absorbent cloth(like the one provide)or sponge. 
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE OF LEATHER/LEATHER TOUCH CLEANER NOTE:Always test the product you are using on a hidden area first. 
Directions for use 
1.Dust surface to be treated. 
2.Spray product lightly over treatment area. 
3.With a damp cloth,immediately wipe the treatment area in a gentle circular motion. 
4.Remove any product residue with the clean side of the damp cloth. 
5.Repeat process until desired result is achieved. 
NOTE: Use leather conditioner only when surface has been cleaned with the leather cleaner. 
1.Shake product well. 
2.Apply a small amount of the product on to the furniture surface. 
3.Use a damp cloth to spread product in a gentle,circular motion over the entire furniture surface. 
4.Before product has dried,use clean side of the cloth to polish the furniture surface. 
5.Repeat process until desired result is archived. 


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