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Screen Cleaner ECK-009

Screen Cleaner ECK-009
Screen Cleaner ECK-009
  • Screen Cleaner ECK-009
  • Screen Cleaner ECK-009
  • Screen Cleaner ECK-009
  • Screen Cleaner ECK-009
  • Screen Cleaner ECK-009
  • Screen Cleaner ECK-009
  • Minimum: Double blister sealing
  • Delivery: MSDS/RoHS/ReaCH
  • Model: ECK009
  • Country: Available
  • BrandName: 2in1 Best Value Screen Cleaning Kit
  • Package: 530*460*280mm
  • Payment: 24sets/carton
  • size: 183*265*65mm
  • Inquire Online

Product Information

Effective, Safe, and Green

Our ELON Brand 2in1 Best Value Screen Cleaning Kit ECK-009  is the best cleaning solution for all your cleaning needs. It's the most eco-friendly safest screen cleaning product in the world, containing everything you need to clean and protect the screens on your smartphone, iPad, tablets, iTouch, PSP, monitor, and more. Only 100% natural sourced ingredients and food-grade addictives are used including 18 megohm high resistance pure water making it safe to clean your IT/AV appliances even when it's not power-off. It easily clears fingerprints and oils from your devices giving them that brand new look.

• Combination of 100% Natural sourced ingredients, food grade additives, and 18 megohm pure de-ionized water.
• 100% Bio-degradable, non-irritatating to EYES, free of alcohol, ammonia, and petrochemicals.
• Kills 99.99% bacteria.
• Anti-static, streak-free.
• Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and will not damage special coatings and surfaces.
• ROHS, SVHC (ReaCH) compliant

The ELON 2in1 Best Value Screen Cleaning Kit ECK-009 include:

1.7oz./200ml Natural Organic and Hypoallergenic Screen Spray Bottle
2.250*250mm 320g  Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Direction:  Spray a small amount evenly onto cloth or directly onto your delicate screens; wipe with the cleaning cloth and repeat if necessary.

 Also safe to use on HDTVs, Digital Cameras and Camcorders, GPS Screens, In-vehicle LCD Video Displays, Portable DVD Players, Scanners, CD and DVD players


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