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Lens Cleaner ECK016

Lens Cleaner ECK016
Lens Cleaner ECK016
  • Lens Cleaner ECK016
  • Lens Cleaner ECK016
  • Lens Cleaner ECK016
  • Lens Cleaner ECK016
  • Lens Cleaner ECK016
  • Lens Cleaner ECK016
  • Minimum: Box
  • Delivery: RoHS, ReaCH, MSDS
  • Model: ECK016-1
  • Country: Available
  • BrandName: 3in1 Camera Value Kit
  • Package: 525*285*175mm
  • Payment: 100pcs/carton
  • size: 50*26*145mm
  • Inquire Online

Product Information

Effective, Safe, and Green

Our ELON Brand 3in1 Camera Value Kit ECK016 is the best cleaning solution for all your cleaning needs, and contains everything needed to clean and protect the Lens on your camera, microscope, telescope, SLR lens, optical lens, eye glasses, goggles and more. It only contains 100% natural plant derived ingredients, GMP level pure water and food-grade addictives to ensure its safety. Developed by our own technical staff, it is eco-friendly, non-toxic, even safe for skin contact, while still being ultra-effective in removing fingerprints, oils and dirt, from the surface of your lens.

• 100% combination of Natural plant derived ingredients, food grade additives, and highly pure de-ionized water
• 100% Bio-degradable, free of any abrasive, alcohol, ammonia, and petrochemicals
• Kills 99.99% bacteria.
• Anti-static, streak-free.
• Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, safe to use, and will not damage lens or its coatings.
• ROHS, SVHC (ReaCH) compliant.

The ELON 3in1 Camera Value Kit ECK016 includes:

1. 0.66oz./20ml Natural Organic and Hypoallergenic Lens Spray Bottle
2. Travel Camera Tripod High Quality
3. Professional Lens Cleaning Tissues, Dry, 25pcs/Optional for Cloth

Direction: Spray a small amount evenly onto cloth and wipe with the cleaning cloth and repeat if necessary.

Tips: No longer than 30s each time when wiping.

Also safe to use on Screens, HDTVs, Digital Cameras and Camcorders, GPS Screens, In-vehicle LCD Video Displays, Portable DVD Players, Scanners, CD and DVD players


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