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Leather Care Kit EFGJ3004

Leather Care Kit EFGJ3004
Leather Care Kit EFGJ3004
  • Leather Care Kit EFGJ3004
  • Leather Care Kit EFGJ3004
  • Leather Care Kit EFGJ3004
  • Leather Care Kit EFGJ3004
  • Leather Care Kit EFGJ3004
  • Minimum: Colorful box
  • Delivery: MSDS/RoHS, ReaCH
  • Model: EFGJ3004
  • Country: Available
  • BrandName: Leather Clean&Care Kit 3in1
  • Package: 440*335*295mm
  • Payment: 48pcs/carton
  • size: 105*53*135mm
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Product Information

Natural ingredients made, protect from inside to outside with ultra-effective performance.

Our ELON Brand Leather Clean&Care Kit EFGJ3004 is the best cleaning solution for all your leather products. Designed to clean and condition genuine leather goods, there's no alcohol, ammonia, abrasives, petrochemical solvents nor wax, our leather cleaner is a specially created formula of 100% natural sourced ingredients from plants, animal and mineral oils, pure de-ionized water and comestic/food-grade addictives. Neutral pH makes it mild and it's safe to skins or leather. Elon's proprietary mixed oil and plant formula will keep the leather supple and shiny. 

• 100% natural sourced ingredients including mineral oils and plant extracts.
• 100% Biodegradable free of alcohol, ammonia, wax and abrasive.pH neutral, safe to human skin and leather.
• Cleans and conditions the leather, anti-dust,anti-UV
• Long-term use increases softness and flexibility to make leather goods'supple and smooth.
• ROHS, SVHC (ReaCH) compliant.
• Apply to shiny, non porous leather surface.

The ELON Leather Clean&Care Kit EFGJ3004 Contents include:

1. 3.5oz./100ml Natural Organic and Hypoallergenic Leather Clean&Care Spray Bottle
2. High-Quality Cleaning Sponge
3. Lint-free Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 250*250mm

Direction:  Spray a small amount evenly onto cloth/sponge or directly onto your delicate leather goods; wipe with the cleaning cloth and repeat if necessary.


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