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Kicthen Cleaner HK201

Kicthen Cleaner HK201
Kicthen Cleaner HK201
  • Kicthen Cleaner HK201
  • Kicthen Cleaner HK201
  • Kicthen Cleaner HK201
  • Minimum: PE Bag with color cards
  • Delivery: RoHS, ReaCH, MSDS compliant
  • Model: HK201
  • Country: Available
  • BrandName: 2in1 Kitchen Cleaning Kit
  • Package: 265×380×180mm
  • Payment: 12sets/carton
  • size: 220*160*60mm
  • Inquire Online

Product Information

Effective, Safe, and Green

Our ELON Brand 2in1 Kitchen Cleaning Kit HK201 is the best cleaning solution for all your household needs. It cleans and protects the hard surface and appliances in your kitchen, plus hood filters, counters, kitchen ware, tableware and more. The ingredients in our Kitchen Cleaner are 100% plant derived essence, GMP level highly purified water, and food-grade addictives. Oils, dirt and dust will seem to disappear leaving behind sterilized surfaces and a clean fresh scent.

• 100% Natural plant derived ingredients, food grade additives, and pure de-ionized water.
• 100% Biodegradable free of alcohol, ammonia, and petrochemicals.
•Kills 99.99% bacteria, anti-dust.
•Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, safe to surfaces and environment.
• Exclusive protect and preserve technology will form an invisible shield on the surface of your products making them easier to clean the next time.
• ROHS, SVHC (ReaCH) compliant

The ELON 2in1 Kitchen Cleaning Kit HK201 includes:

1.10.6oz./300ml Natural Organic and Hypoallergenic Kitchen Spray Bottle
2. Large Lint-free Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Cloth 300*300mm

Direction: Spray a small amount evenly onto cloth or directly onto the surface; wipe with the cleaning cloth and repeat if necessary.


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