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Jewelry Care Kit JCK295

Jewelry Care Kit JCK295
Jewelry Care Kit JCK295
  • Jewelry Care Kit JCK295
  • Jewelry Care Kit JCK295
  • Jewelry Care Kit JCK295
  • Jewelry Care Kit JCK295
  • Jewelry Care Kit JCK295
  • Minimum: Color Box 7*7*8cm
  • Delivery: RoHS SVHC compliant.
  • Model: JCK200
  • Country: Accpetable
  • BrandName: Jewelry Care Kit 5in1
  • Package: 32*24.5*21cm
  • Payment: 48pcs/ctn
  • size: 7*7*8cm
  • Inquire Online

Product Information

This Jewellery Care Kit is a special easy to use kit designed for cleaning delicate jewellery.

It is a perfect addition to keep your jewelry items looking like new and it's an ideal for cleaning: diamond, sapphire, ruby, garnet, topaz, aquamarine, cubic-zirconia and all other non porous gemstones. Restores the sparkle back to diamonds and gemstones by thoroughly cleaning them, without leaving behind any residue. Also perfect for cleaning: gold, platinum, silver, stainless steel, titanium and all other metals, plastics and ceramics used in jewellery and watches. 


1. Cleaning Liquid Concentrate: 2pcs*0.5oz/12.5ml, concentrate formula(X15), gentle to soft stones and any metal jewlery, 100% biodegradable, EU stantdard. Easily clears away fingerprint, oil and "film".
2. Cleaning Cloth: 100*80mm, 4pcs, soft and nano tech, easy to cleaning and soft without damaging.
3. Basket: Special designed to handle/retrieve jewelry and let it easy dry.
4. Soft Plastic Brush: 6.5cm, Soft PP brush clears dust and stains away.
5. Palstic Jar:  8oz/200ml PE jar with PP lid, Di7cm*8cm, big enough and safe for usual jewelry cleaning.                         
Use brush to clear away dust, simply place your item in the dipping basket, leave it for two minutes – or a little longer, if necessary – then rinse it in running water. Use sponge for polish and dry your jewelry faster.


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