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Golf Cleaner EDYJ2001

Golf Cleaner EDYJ2001
Golf Cleaner EDYJ2001
  • Golf Cleaner EDYJ2001
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  • Golf Cleaner EDYJ2001
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  • Model: EDYJ2001
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Product Information

Effective, Safe, and Green

Our ELON Brand Golf Club Clean&Care EGYJ2001 is the best cleaning solution for all your cleaning needs, and contains everything you need to clean and protect your golf clubs, shoes and other surfaces. We never use petrochemical ingredients and always adopt natural harmless plants or oils to develop our unique product. We use GMP level pure water and food-grade addictives in the manufacturing process to ensure our cleaning solution is eco-friendly and safe, while still being ultra-effective to clean oils, fingerprints and dust giving your devices that brand new look..  

• 100% Natural sourced ingredients, food grade additives, and highly pure de-ionized water
• Safe and eco-friendly: free of alcohol, ammonia, abrasive and petrochemicals
• Kills bacteria: 99.99% and refresh scent
• Non-toxic,hypoallergenic,safe to skins, surfaces and environment.
• Excusive protect and preserve tech will built a invisible ventilate membrane after cleaning that anti-dust and convenient for next time's cleaning.
• RoHS,SVHC(ReaCH)compliant

The ELON Golf Club Clean&Care EGYJ2001 includes:

1. 2oz natural golf liquid cleaner ,bottle with spray and your labels.
2. 2pcs, 2oz natural conditioner golf cream, bottle with flip top cap
3. 18*15cm Best quality Bag with your logos and labels
4. A optional cloth that is 22*22cm brush with making your logo.


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