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Eco Waterless Car Wash500ml/3L

Eco Waterless Car Wash500ml/3L
Eco Waterless Car Wash500ml/3L
  • Eco Waterless Car Wash500ml/3L
  • Eco Waterless Car Wash500ml/3L
  • Minimum: Carton
  • Delivery: RoHS SVHC
  • Model: WCW500
  • Country: Acceptable
  • BrandName: Waterless Car Wash
  • Package: 230x250x200mm
  • Payment: Bulk/12pcs
  • size: Bulk
  • Inquire Online

Product Information

The NEW Alternative to Washing Your Slightly Dirty Car 
No Water, No Hoses, No Mess! 



 Des : 

  • The Eco Friendly Way to Wash Your Car!
  • The NEW Alternative to Washing Your Slightly Dirty Car
  • No Water, No Hoses, No Mess!


  Advanced emulsifiers and special lubricants make our Waterless Car Wash a safe and effective way to remove light surface dust and dirt without harming your clear coat. It's the perfect choice when your access to water is limited or you just want to conserve H20.

Why Go Waterless? 

  Your car doesn’t always need a full bath with soap and water. Light surface dust, finger prints, or other minor surface contamination can be easily and safely removed using Waterless Car Wash.  It saves water and it's quicker than a traditional wash as well! It also prolongs your wax or sealant life by using a less invasive method to clean, it can also be used in direct sunlight. 

How Does it Work?

  Spray Waterless Car Wash on moderately dirty finish, wipe clean with Waterless Wash Waffle Towels. Special lubricants and wetting agents encapsulate dirt, making it easy to clean the paint without damage and without water. 

How is it different than Detail Spray? 

  Waterless Car Wash is a more effective cleaner, and has more lubricant designed to remove larger dirt particles without causing swirls. It also has no gloss enhancers, so it leaves your paint clean but not glossy. Follow Waterless Car Wash with Detail Spray to enhance the gloss! 


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