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Car Dashboard Protectant

Car Dashboard Protectant
Car Dashboard Protectant
  • Car Dashboard Protectant
  • Car Dashboard Protectant
  • Minimum: Shrink-Wrapped
  • Delivery: RoHS SVHC
  • Model: CDP300
  • Country: China
  • BrandName: Car Dashboard Protectant
  • Package: 200*296*246mm
  • Payment: 12pcs/tn
  • size: 90*46*226mm
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Product Information

Product Features

  • Safely cleans dashboards, vinyl, leather and trim pieces
  • No greasy residues
  • Non-toxic, readily biodegradable, free of any VOCs, synthetic fragrances or dyes
  • Restores 'natural' shine to all surfaces
  • Cleans dust, dirt, spills and other contaminants



Product Description

    Interior Indulgence. While some think than clean means greasy and glossy, we prefer all natural.

Plant-derived ingredients protect and condition vinyl, but don't give you a toxic-fume headache. With Dashboard Protect, you can sit back, breathe deeply and enjoy your like-new dash. So go ahead, pamper your vehicle — and yourself — with dashboard protect. All ingredients: filtered water, carnauba wax (for protection), glycerine (for conditioning: vegetable-based), polymer emulsion(for shine: dimethicone), plant-derived surfactants (for cleaning: alkyl polyglycosides), xanthan gum (thickener), lavender essential oils (lavandula officinalis), preservative (less than .05%).

Packaging: bottles from #2 polyethylene. Sprayer from blend of polyethylene/polypropylene. Both are 100% recyclable.


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