CD Repair Paste CDRP010-1

CD Repair Paste CDRP010-1
CD Repair Paste CDRP010-1
  • CD Repair Paste CDRP010-1
  • CD Repair Paste CDRP010-1
  • Minimum: According to Details
  • Delivery: MSDS/RoHS, ReaCH compliant
  • Model: CDRP010-1
  • Country: Available
  • BrandName: CD repair paste
  • Package: According to Details
  • Payment: According to Details
  • size: 10cm
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Product Information


Effective, Safe, and Green

Our ELON Brand CD Repair Paste CDRP010-1 is the best solution for all you needs to repair your CD, Disc, DVD, etc. 


•  100% All Natural sourced ingredients.
•  Biodegradable, free of alcohol, ammonia, and petrochemicals
•  pH neutral, anti-static, streak-free
•  Non-toxic, safe to use.
•  ROHS, SVHC (ReaCH) compliant

The ELON CD Repair Paste CDRP010-2 Contents include:
1. 10g  CD Repair Paste

Direction:  Spray a small amount evenly onto cloth or directly onto the surface; wipe with the cleaning cloth and repeat if necessary.


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