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How to choose and buy leather cleaner?


Common sense: alkaline content with PH value greater than 7.5 will hurt leather products!
Test: put a bit of hair in washing powder high concentration
Result: the hair is dissolved.
Conclusion: strong alkali can dissolve hair.

Leather pore penetrative with the alkaline cleaner will corrode the leather, destroy its internal structure, harden it, or even seriously damage the cortex which will shorten its service life. Therefore, leather products must be cleaned by neutral (PH = 6.5 ~ 7.5) type of natural biological cleaner which can not only do the cleaning but also has no harm to the cortex. At the same time, it has maintenance function and prolongs service the life of leather.

Judgment of good or bad leather cleaner
(1) As the skin of person or animal is acidic, leather cleaner should meet the condition that PH value should be in 6.5 between 7.5 (more than 7.5 will hurt the skin).
(2) It can't contain friction agent and petroleum chemical solvents. If there are friction agent and petroleum chemical solvents, its clean principle is like a knife grinding or dissolving surface protection layer.
(3) Practical inspection: after contract with cleaner, the leather will not discolor, be corroded and becoming harder. These show that it must be of good quality; otherwise it must be of bad quality. The practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.

If we spray the cleaner on the leather surface and it can be cleaned quickly, its clean force must be very strong in the result of chemical reaction function. With its extremely strong dissolved force, such cleaner will hurt leather and may take off the surface layer which let the leather appear to be very clean. This kind of cleaner needs to be further analyzed.

Secondly, it is needed to choose the leather cleaner according to your own leather material. Different leather should need corresponding cleaner. Dull polishing leather and suede leather can't use common leather cleaner.

Natural biological cleaner type such as biological leather cleaner, glazing nursing liquid for leather cleaning and so on can meet the above requirements. It can deeply take off dirt, does not contain the harmful composition to skin, and at the same time it has the functions of beauty, maintenance, mould proof, fighting corrupt etc.


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