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Purchase Guide for Screen Cleaning


With the popularity of a variety of digital products, screen cleaning is increasingly becoming our daily events. Perhaps most people would think that the screen clean is casually wiped, in fact it is on the verse. Please look at the following information:

Firstly, we have to know why we have to clean the screen.
As we know, LCD screen will not only produce a lot of dust and germs of the electrostatic adsorption, but also will produce microwave radiation.

The electrostatic adsorption determines the screen cleaning cycle is very short. The microwave radiation in a subtle way has influence on our health especially our non-protected head. Disease such as rash and a variety of eye problems can be along with us all the time.

This determines that screen has to be clean all the time to keep us in health.
Secondly, it is vital to choose the right cleaner.

Currently on the market the mainstream screen is LCD. The LCD screen production line has been developed to the sixth or even to the seventh generation. Production process is quite complex. It is difficult to replace once broken. For notebook computers, LCD TV screens, digital video camera and digital camera, the LCD screen is their life. It should be properly kept to extend its life expectancy. Over time some questions related with the LCD screen cleaning will appear.

Stain on the LCD screen can be divided into two types. One is dust in the air over time and the other is fingerprints and oil inadvertently left by users.
The surface of LCD screen looks like a solid black screen. In fact, the vendor will add a layer of special coating on the screen. The main function is to prevent the users from reflecting and glaring by other light sources and at the same time enhances the color contrast of the LCD itself. When cleaning, the user is not permitted to use any acidic, alkaline solution or chemical solution to wipe the screen surface in order to prevent the surface coating from damaging.

Because LCD panel's complex physical structure design, during cleaning it is forbidden to use cleaning fluid which is not famous, without product standard, without product bar code, without RoHS authentication. Clean water and alcohol solution are also not allowed. There are three misunderstandings:

1. Use soft cloth or paper towel to wipe the LCD screen
It is not permitted to use cloth and papering towel to wipe the LCD screen which will be easy to scratch the "fragile" LCD screen. For the first kind of dust, we can use chamois to wipe LCD panel gently. Generally it can be high-grade superfine fiber glasses cloth, but the effect is not the best. Fingerprint and oil are not so easy to be removed.

2. Clean LCD screen with clear water
Simple water is not high purity deionized water. Liquid is easy to be dropped into the crystal display and inside the equipment. This will cause short circuit and burn out expensive electronic equipment. For fingerprints and grease, water is so helpless.

3. Use alcohol and some other chemical solvents to clean LCD screen

Alcohol is a kind of common organic solvent and may dissolve some hard dirt. Alcohol has characteristic of fast volatile, strong permeability, strong dissolve ability, enhancing certain degerming force. But it is extremely easy to damage electronic components protective layer and shorten equipment using life. It is inflammable and explosive.

Acid and alkali cleaner is with acid alkali solution, most of which is phosphoric acid. It has quite a dirt solvent, good surface cleaning effect, poor bacteria cleaning effect. When PH is lower than 5 or more than 8, metal components products will be corroded and easy to damage the body.
Surfactant cleaner

It is mostly with benzene sulfonate and other conventional detergent ingredients. When together with the acid-base, it has dissolving power on the dirt and can remove stains. It accelerates the aging, yellowing and cracking of equipment. It is more likely to cause oxidation or damage of the device itself; if the drop is in stainless steel, it will be rusted within three months

Organic solvent cleaner
Organic solvents are with petroleum chemical compositions. They have strong dissolve force, strong permeability. Most organic solvents are toxic and harmful substances which are inflammable and explosive. They are harmful for the environment and people.

Biological enzymes cleaner
It is with bacterial proteases, bacterial amylase, fungal lipase, and fungal cellulose enzymes which will have chemical reaction under some mild conditions. Its role object is often single namely for a certain type; when one is broken down, the other will be in role. People have little grasp of the orientation of bacteria and mold. It only has function on a certain type of dirt. PH value also has impact on its activity and tends to lose it efficacy.

The common point will be marked: "If it gets in the eyes, immediately wash with water, or have medical treatment" which shows the harm degree.

Screen biological cleaner produced by Yilong-it is suitable for computer screen, LCD panel, and so on.

Product features: extracts from pollution-free plant, completely natural, very environmental protection, no-water cleaning, with protection layer after cleaning, protect matrix, convenient for secondary cleaning. Made of nutrition substances of biological elements in conventional life, it is not produced by the acid, alkali or enzyme. The product has strong clean function, especially for greasy dirt of human body such as fingerprints. The products also have antiseptic effect to reduce the bacteria's violations. And its anti-static function can reduce dust absorption. And after screen or LCD cleaning, it does not make any negative effect.

Biological cleaner product made by Yilong is proved to be fine without stimulation for eyes after the authoritative test. Moreover, it is in line with European Union RoHS environmental requirements.

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