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Advantage and Disadvantage Comparison of Several Screen Cleaner






Environmental protection

Cleaning result



Bacteria and viruses are parasitic hotbed in simple water. Bacteria and virus are not against water.

Increase the bacteria and virus reproduction rate and make the device oxidative and damaged.


Remove dirt but can not clean off fingerprints and grease. After cleaning, it is easy to leave a seal and has an effect on visual result.

It is better to use deionizer water.


Non-water alcohol, fast volatile, strong permeability, strong dissolve capability, enhancing certain degerming force

Extremely easy to damage screen coatings. Shorten equipment using life. Inflammable and explosive.


Can dissolve some dirt, but not easy to clean human body dirt such as fingerprints.

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Acid-base  cleaner

Aqueous adhesive with acid and alkali which has considerable dissolution, good surface cleaning effect and bad bacteria cleaning effect.

When PH below 5 or greater than 8, there is often corrosion on metal components products, damaging the computer screen coating, or harming the human body.

Harmful to human body.
Harmful to equipments.
Harmful to eyes. Computers detergents in the market are all like that. The common point will be marked: "If it gets in the eyes, immediately wash with water, or have medical treatment” which shows the harm degree!

Clean simple dirt but not body oil dirt with some color marks.

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It is mostly with benzene sulfonate and other conventional detergent ingredients. When together with the acid-base, it has dissolving power on the dirt and can remove stains.

It accelerates the aging, yellowing and cracking of equipment. It is more likely to cause oxidation or damage of the device itself; if the drop is in stainless steel, it will be rusted within three months.

Clean simple dirt but not body oil dirt with some color marks.

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Solvent cleaner

With organic solvents and other petrochemical composition, it has strong dissolved ability and strong permeability.

Organic solvents are toxic and harmful substances. It is  inflammable, explosive, and harmful to humans and the environment

Dissolve some hard dirt but not body oil dirt such as fingerprints.

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Biological enzymes cleaner

With bacterial proteases, bacterial amylase, fungal lipase, fungal cellulose enzymes, it has chemical reaction under some mild conditions.  Its effected object is often single, namely for a certain type. When one is broken down, the other will be in role.

People have little grasp of the orientation of bacteria and mold. It only has function on a certain type of dirt. PH value also has impact on its activity and tends to lose efficacy ;

dissolve simple dirt

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ELON all natural cleaner

It is extracted in the pollution-free plants, completely natural, environmentally-friendly. With conventional elements it is free from acid, alkali or enzymes.

Completely good for human and environment

The authority of inspection proves that it does not stimulate eyes. It has exceeded all environmental standards.

Thoroughly clean body oil dirt, and leaves no color marks after cleaning.

It is green, healthy and good for people, natural things and environment. With significant cleaning effect.


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