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New Concept Begin New Market


Recently, it appeared on the market a "special biological cleaner for computer which can directly contact eyes" launched by Tianxing Technology Company. 

It is reported that this type of computer cleaner takes the unique waterless cleaning technology, protective isolating membrane technology and biological technology. The cleaner do not contain chemical cleaning ingredients, with natural environmental protection, no stimulation to the eyes. It is no-water cleaning, simple for cleaning. With protection layer after cleaning, it makes convenience for secondary cleaning. Do the cleaning as well as do the protection. Sterilizes aseptic, and guarantees our health. It can be in operation with charged and has no damage to the equipment. It provides computer with a new professional health care. "The computer health, I health" in the sense has proved that people have begun the key step from irregular cleaning, not professional cleaning to professional cleaning. 

Although this is just one small step on the concept, it is a big step for computer users' health. 

According to the specialists' ideas, computers in foreign market need to be cleaned one time in one week. While in china, many people do not have that kind of habit. As we can see, there is a big potentiality in the domestic computer cleaner market. With the more attention of health, there will be a boost increase in the market.

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