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Computer Become “Health Killer"


Along with the further IT revolution, computers have become our common use objects. However, medical scientists tell us that "contact-type infection" is the main channel of the spread of the virus. Because of people's bad habits, our seeming warmth affectionate computer is easy to become a danger to human health as a "potential killer". Some research data provide the evidences. 

After the study, scientists found that the keyboard has more than 480 parasitic viruses. A folk health organization had an investigation on more than 100 computers on a computer cafe and found people infected hepatitis b virus had occupied 40.91%. Compared with some underground un-disinfection bowl chopsticks, virus on a computer is more harm to people.

Computer becomes the "health killer" for the reason that most of the Chinese people have not form the habit of regular computer cleaning. Many people wipe besmirch, dust very clearly at the beginning but after a few days began not to take it serious. 

Secondly, because our cleaning is not very professional, it appears to be not very harmonious with the specialization of computer. To clean the computer, what we usually think of is water and alcohol. However, water can not keep the virus or bacterium away, and they are very easy to be dipped into the computer which will cause the computer short circuit, or internal parts of oxidation, rust. Alcohol' s high dissolving capability can dissolve aseptic, and is helpful for maintaining the human health. However, it is extremely harmful for a computer, because computers are tools with very high precision requirements coated with protection layer of air oxidation. High dissolving capability of alcohol is very likely to cause the corrosion of the protection layer so as to shorten the life of the computer.

When computers became "health killer", we can not send it in limbo and reject using them. We should be positive in changing our concepts and seek professional care for specialized computers.

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