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Keep Chemical Detergent Away


Daily chemical detergent/cleaner is popular and common used and it is now a life's necessity. Wherever in the public, luxury hotel, in each family or snack bar, chemical detergent/cleaner is founded. Its ads are full filled the media like broadcast, TV, newspaper and internet every day. People get addictive and depend on variant packaged chemical detergent/cleaner. However, in the meantime, the chemical pollution spreads out by kinds of way that brings healthy problem. So, in the spirit of being responsible for human, scientists appeal to the society to reconsideration the chemical detergent/cleaner. For example, the Consumers Union of Japan, certificated as a non-profit organization by the new Japanese NPO legislation, cried out, "NO MORE CHEMICAL DETERGENT!” after nearly 20 years research, experiment and according to the consumer accident report.

In fact, chemical detergent/cleaner is just the by-product of petroleum. Its nature is always being ignored because it's soluble in water. Also because of its low cost and good performance in cleaning, people accept it quickly after it was discovered. And soon, it permeates into society as by various packages of appearance, scent and taste.

Chemical detergent/cleaner gets its power from surfactant which could reduce surface tension. It penetrates into the fiber gap where water can't get in and extrude the dirt. However, it stayed in these gaps and water can hardly wash.

So it is able to soak into human bodies. About 0.5% of the detergent/cleaner on the skins will diffuse into blood and 10times more when there are cuts. This will reduce the density of calcium ion in the blood, thus blood will be acidified and people will feel tired. Also, the function of expelling of toxins will be brought down that toxins will fill up and cause even worse problems like immune suppression, pathological change aggravated of liver cell and cancer.

The toxicity will be multiplied when the chemical detergent/cleaner combined with other chemical substance inside human bodies, especially in inducing cancer cells. It is known that, in the artificial culture of gastric cancer cell, the basic material of chemical detergent (LAS) is used as it will speed up the cancer cell's malignancy.

People are surrounded by these chemical toxicants so long as chemical detergent/cleaner is still being widely used. It accumulated inside human bodies from mouth, skins day and night. What's worse, this kind of pollution is not obvious in short time, it's ignored, always. But, every little makes a mickle and lead to health problem.

Society can't avoid being urbanized, so does the dependence of detergent/cleaner to urban life. An eco-friendly and healthy, harmless and non-toxic, safest and green detergent/cleaner is the key point, the trend, and, the future...

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