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ELON kitchen bio-cleaner inviting investment


Economizing,Easy-to-use,Trusted ELON Kitchen Bio-cleaner Inviting Investment
  1. Effective cleaning, thoroughly infiltrate and break down stubborn oil of the kitchen,no vestige after use,cleansing and anthelmintic,make you far away from injurious factors.
  2. Easy and timesaving with waterless cleaning,renew your kitchen ware,cooker and tile promptly.
  3. Deodorizing and eliminating the fishy smell and other unpleasant odor,refresh Kitchen sanitation.
  4. Extracts from fresh natural biological organisms,without any petrochemical ingredients,harmless to objects and human.
  5. Proved by strictly testing that can sterilize promptly and keep a healthy kitchen.
  6. Cleansing oil and dirt,apply to kitchen counter, cooking surface, cooker hoods,table, cupboard,wall and floor.


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