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Every people will comes into this problem that their deluxe genuine leather products, like the leather interior in luxury cars, the expensive genuine leather sofa and luxury bag as LV/ Hermes/ Gucci/ Chanel, etc...is easy to be dirty and aging at every seconds going mouldy or even becoming stiffen or color-fading...

How can you preserve and protect such luxurious and deluxe leatherware?
To solve this problem, ELON R&D team, who are devoted to develop biocleaner for kinds of use,  have come up with three principles for genuine leather clean&care:

1. No chemical corrosion behaviour allowed!
There's pores in the genuine leather surface that kinds of chemical detergent/cleaner whatever it's acidic or  alkalic, could permenate into will erode genuine leather's organic substance and damage its organic texture and then lead to series of aging, stiffening and color-fading, etc.

So these chemical detergent/cleaner is not the right thing to clean&care genuine leather, especially these detergent/cleaner that made from petro-chemicals, which cleaning by erode and remove the surface layer of leather.

2. No abrasion and scratch allowed!

3. Clean&care from botanic view that feed to anti-aging on the base of genuine leather texture.
Genuine leather is all protein with oils, which can't avoid being aging and lost all the time when is explosure to the air. So a kind of protein made detergent/cleaner with natural oils made protectand are the best choice to avoid damage to the leather but clean, care, feed and condition naturally that restore the leather to be natural shiny and supple.

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