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Our Advantage

We're most professional ALL NATURAL CLEANSER manufacturer, working with packaging suppliers to provide TOTAL SOLUTION.

The techniques we own is self-developed and they're patent protected.

Our manufacturing facility and test labs were specifically designed to manufacture these types of products with all of the quality controls necessary in place so that we meet all the standards required to make the product claims that we do.

We take a great deal of pride in our abilities to develop and produce products that are safe for people to use, and at the same time help to protect the environment that we all share.

In the domestic market, many products are advertised to be safe for usage and the environment, but actually have no technology behind their development, or are posing as technical products.
These products are not produced in the proper factories. In international markets there are also similar products.

But idea is only idea, unlike our ALL NATURAL CLEANSER which could be tested to tell from chemicals.

Our products are combines of common biological element nutrient substance that extracted from all natural non polluted plant extracts. With food grade/cosmetics level auxiliary material additives, we only use high-grade safety tested health products of food grade/cosmetics level. The use of our products will not result in any stimulation to the skin. Part of the category also has no stimulation to eyes. 

Being the safest, health, green and eco-friendly protection cleaners in the market, we're always ready to work with partners all over the world.

Cleaner Classification Featuers Harm Effect on Environment/ People Cleaning Performance Advantage
Water Normal/ Running water is the nest of virus and germs. De-ionized pure water is better. Germs and virus breeded in water will effect personal/ public health. No protect performance Clear away dust but not oils, streaks are often left. No Cost, or little cost for de-ionized water
Alcohol/IPA VOC, certain anti-bacteria, good penetrability and dissolvability. Damage coatings or painting, inflammable and explosive. Harm, bring greenhouseeffect and it's irritating to skins. Dissolve some dirts, but not fingerprints. Cheap
Acid and Alkali Most are water-based, strong dissolvability. pH is <5 or >8, caustic, damage coatings. Harm, hurt skins, pollute environment. Dissolve normal dirts, but not good to oil dirts from human skins, like fingerprints. Cheap
Surfactant Most are K12(SDS), Sodium benzenesulfonate, etc. normally mixed with acid or alkali. Certain dissolvability. Will speed aging of appliance, may bring oxidize effect or damage. May cause stainless steel rust. Harmful, may release poisonous material when break-down. May toxic, irritaing, sensitization. Dissolve normal dirts, but not good to oil dirts from human skins, like fingerprints. Leave Streaks. Cheap
Solvent/ Organic Solvent Most are petro-chemicals, strong penetrability and dissolvability. Most are toxic and harmful. Inflammable and explosive. Harmful, toxic, irritaing, sensitization. Dissolve normal dirts, but not good to oil dirts from human skins, like fingerprints.  Cheap
Biological enzyme Require reaction condition. Each enzyme usually only effect on one kind of dirts. pH affect a lot, usually is not neutral. May damage coatings. Harm, irritating. Break down specified dirt. Cheap
ELON natural formula From natural plant essence-common biological element nutrient substance. Free of any petrochemical, solvent or chemical surfactant. Remove stains not by acid/ alkali. Water-based, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-toxic. None, anti-bacteria, safe to environment and human. None, 100% bio-degradable, food/comestic grade, hypoallergenic. Clear away dust oils, sweat stains and fingerprints. Streak-free, residue-free. Safest, healthy, green and effective.


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