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The company has full sets of production equipments from liquid preparation to finished package, including a GMP level High Purity De-ionized Water Treatment System, 500KG Level Reactors with Blender, a Fully Automatic Production Line for filling, capping and labeling, Packaging Machines and Steel Packing Lines, etc.
Our monthly production of consumer packaged products is up to 1,000,000 sets/boxes and bulk packaging in barrels is more than 300 tons, with more soon as we are currently expanding our manufacturing capabilities.

Laboratory Instrument/Testing Equipment:
To assure the product quality and strictly follow the product standard, the test laboratory also is fully equipped with all necessary instruments like 1/10000 e-balance, microscope and kinds of testing chemicals.

Semi - automatic liquid filling machine

Semi - automatic capping machine

Semi-automatic labeling machine

Coding machine

High frequency blister machine

Hot pressing blister machine

Water treatment equipment

Production line

Production line 1

Production line 2

Production line 3

Production line 4

Production line 5

Production line 6

Production line 7

Production line 8

Production line 9

Production line 10

Production line 11

Production line 12

Production line 13


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